Elevating Stay, Inspiring Connections

Ready to Redefine Work and Stay?

Consider the Following Subscription Packages.

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Embark on your co-learning and co-working adventure with Laufiri's flexible subscription plans, designed to cater to your unique needs. Choose from our distinct tiers and elevate your experience.


Basic - €50/month

Unlock access to our vibrant co-working spaces during opening hours. Enjoy the flexibility to use the facilities that best suit your work style. Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of professionals and learners.


Personal - €150/month

Take your journey to the next level with the Personal tier. In addition to co-working benefits, subscribers enjoy four hours of coaching per week. Tailor your growth with personalized guidance and support.


Lodging - Seasonal Rates

For those seeking a complete work-stay experience, lodging options are available. Explore the availability and seasonal rates on our dedicated portal. Book your stay and seamlessly integrate work and relaxation.


Shared Contributions and Consumables

At Laufiri, we foster a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. Consumables, such as coffee, snacks, and amenities, are included in your subscription. To ensure a sustainable and enjoyable environment, we encourage all members to contribute positively to the shared spaces. Your active participation not only enhances the community experience but also helps us maintain a vibrant and well-equipped workspace.


Positive Community Impact

Our shared contributions model is embraced positively by our community. It promotes a sense of ownership and encourages members to contribute in ways that enhance the overall experience. Together, we create a dynamic and supportive environment where everyone plays a role in shaping the Laufiri community. Join us in this collaborative journey, where work, stay, and growth converge seamlessly. Choose your subscription tier, contribute to the shared spaces, and become a part of the vibrant Laufiri community.