Elevating Stay, Inspiring Connections

Revolutionizing Co-Learning & Accommodation:

Where Work, Growth, and Recreation Integrate

Inspiration and Philosophy

Influenced by L'Abri's ethos and drawing from the founder's multifaceted expertise, Laufiri redefines lodging and accommodation, merging technical innovation with human warmth to create a distinct retreat experience.


Inspired by the spirit of collaboration and shared values, Laufiri and coWork Paide have forged a partnership to create an environment that caters to the diverse needs of digital nomads, experts, and those seeking a unique blend of professional engagement and comfortable living.

Unique Facilities

Laufiri offers more than a co-learning and co-working space; it provides a seamlessly integrated experience with state-of-the-art professional workspaces and comfortable accommodations. Whether you seek a dynamic workspace, a place to stay, or both, Laufiri OÜ caters to the diverse needs of modern professionals, digital nomads, and learners.
The intentional presence of the owner and family on-site fosters authentic interactions, adding a human touch often missing in today's automated world, demonstrating our dedication to genuine, human-centered hospitality and encouraging meaningful connections.